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world-of-winx asked
That's rude! I understand if everyone wants to comics asap, but you still have your personal life! Some need to remember that. I believe you said that your basement was flooded and that it was harder to upload anything. In the end, I appreciate all of the comics and GIFs! I feel like some of those Anons need to realize that not everyone is just sitting at their computer all day.

You always send messages that make me smile. :)

I really don’t take offensive when I get Anons asking me when the next comic or episode will be put up no matter how rude it is worded. I understand where they are coming from and I’m glad people are still so eager to read the comics. I don’t get a lot of feed back on them here or the website so I don’t know if people are reading them or not. So when I get a message like this I know there is at least one person waiting. :)

My basement did flood and we are still dealing with that! I’m glad I got my PC fixed and working again. Plus dealing with school and work I honestly haven’t had a lot of time to sit down lately. But that is ok. Things are changing for the better!

As you can see I get quite a few messages about when I will upload the next comic and I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to it. I did plan on uploading at least one comic every month but this summer has definitely thrown a wrench into that plan. I’m getting a couple of days off coming up and I definitely plan on doing something regarding Winx Comics. I’m hoping uploading a comic will be part of it.

I’m sorry everyone that I haven’t been keeping up with the comics. I will try harder.


I’m starting to think that I need to move Winx Comics from Livejournal to an actual website. I’m ok with coding so I think I will be ok. I don’t know. I will have to think more on it.

Also someone mentioned the old but awesome Winx Club TCG Believix site that I was apart of. I now want to get that up and running as well.

So much to do and not enough time.

I’m still alive

Still dealing with the flooding that happened in my basement.

But I did get an email from Itunes saying that they have FINALLY added episodes. So I will some how upload episode 9 to 16 for you guys sometime this week.

Anonymous asked
Hi! Are you OK? Your last posts seems like a series about Winx-Specialists, but you stop posting...

Hey, ya I’m ok. I’m currently dealing with flooding in my basement which is where my main computer was located. So I’m currently down a computer right now. That computer had my gif programs and all the comics on it. So it might be a while before I’m able to post anything again.

Sorry everyone.